IHHP Workshops & Seminars

Global Forum on NCD Prevention and Control
Rotating International Visitors Program 2003

Local meetings

July 2002: Food industries and community health promotion. 12th July, 2002.

Oct 2002: “Workshop on methods and evaluation of non-communicable diseases interventional plans”. This workshop was held by Iranian Ministry of Healthy & Treatment and ICRC. Dr. Akbari-Deputy of Health, Ministry of Health & Treatment took part in this workshop. Prof. Erikki Vartiainen – Director, department of epidemiology and health promotion in the national public health institute in Helsinki, Finland – participated in this workshop. The participants visited the different activities of IHHP.

International meetings

April 2007, 15-19: Isfahan, I.R. Iran
Training Course on Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Organized by:
- Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center (ICRC)
- Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
- Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education

April 2006, 16-20: The 5th International Seminar of Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP), entitled 'Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion: Components, Rationale and Strategies for Effective Intervention'. Click here to read more.

June 2003: “Workshop on secondary prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke and management of cardiovascular risk”. As one of the main aspects of ICRC and IHHP activities is secondary prevention, this workshop was held by WHO in conjunction with ICRC in Isfahan. The representative of WHO in this workshop were Dr. Shanti Mendis and her colleague Dr. Dele Abegunde.

Oct 2003: “Rotating international visitors’ programme 2003”.In this international workshop 20 participants took part from 13 countries in addition to representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Health and universities. A 2-day course of scientific lectures and a 3-day field visit program were organized for them. During this field visit, participants were familiarized with IHHP and different organizations, institutions, factories, companies, restaurants, bakeries, pizza shops, hospitals, schools and kindergartens cooperating with this program. Among the participants of this workshop were Dr. Hussein Al. Gezairy - Regional Director, regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Prof. Ousamma Khatib - Regional Advisor, Prof. Pekka Puska and Dr. Ruitai Shao from WHO/ Geneva. Dr. Slanieta Saketa – Asia pacific, Regional Advisor, Dr. Filipe Jr. Antonio – AFRO Regional Advisor. Following this visit, IHHP was selected as a Model in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Jan 2001: “Consultative Meeting on CVD Integrated Community-based Programme in the Region. January 5-8th Jan, 2001”. The authorities of WHO-head quarters of WHO – as Prof. Pekka Puska visited the first year activities of IHHP. During 2001, the phase I of IHHP was being implemented.