IHHP Article: The Comparison of cardiovascular risk factor between Iranian youth and old age*
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The Comparison of cardiovascular risk factor between Iranian youth and old age

H. Roohafza MD, M. Sadeghi MD, A. Emami MD, R. Kelishadi MD

As of high prevalence of coronary artery disease in our community, primary prevention from youth is very important. This study was done to assess the situation of CVD risk factors in youth and to compare it with Iranian adult community.

It was a cross-sectional study which was done on people aged > 19 years in Isfahan, Najaf-Abad and Arak. The including criteria were: nonorganic disease, being resident of these areas more than 6 months, mental retardation, Iranian nationality and no pregnancy. Cluster sampling was done in rural and urban areas. Participated of this study were divided into two groups: first group: 19-35 years old, second group >35 years old. The questionnaires contained information about age, smoking status, drugs intaked, height and weight of patients were filled.
Fasting blood glucose lipid profile, TG, systolic and diastolic blood pressure of patients were measured. Data was analyzed by SPSS software.

Blood pressure disorder, TG, TC, LDL-C, HDL-C, diabetes, cigarette smoking of 2nd group were significantly higher than 1st group in both sexes and in rural and urban areas, but the prevalence of these disorders was considerable in 1st group.
Mean and SD of HDL-C disorder were not significant in two groups but other risk factors were significantly different in both groups. In 1st group TC and TG were higher in male and LDL-C and HDL-C were higher in female.

Results show high prevalence of coronary artery disease in Iranian youths. Comparing it with other countries show an undesired situation which will be worse with aging. So we must screened youths in order to reduce coronary artery risk factors.

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