IHHP Article: High blood pressure and associated cardiovascular risk factors in IRAN: IHHP*
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High blood pressure and associated cardiovascular risk factors in IRAN: IHHP
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Masoumeh Sadeghi MD, Hamid Reza Roohafza MD, Roya Kelishadi MD, Mohammad Hashemi MD

To estimate, with respect to age and gender, the prevalence of high blood pressure (BP) in treated and non-treated subjects and association with other cardiovascular risk factors in IRAN.

Subjects and method
This cross sectional study performed in three cities of Iran on participant above 20 years at 2002.Fist a questionnaire filled for demographic detail, drug intake and smoking status.Then physical examination including systolic and diastolic blood pressure(SBP, DBP), body mass index(BMI)and waist to hip circumference(WHC) performed. Fasting blood sample drawn for sugar(FBS),total cholestrol(TC) and triglyceride(TG) and 2 hour post prandial gloucos also detected.
All data have been analyzed using SPSS V11/win and the chi-square test was used.

In this study 12494 subjects had a work-up, 48% were males, thirty-five in Isfahan, 50.1% in Arak and 14.9% in Najafabad. The mean age of men and women were 38.99±15.30 year and 38.80±14.54 year respectively.The prevalence of high BP in men and women was 15.6% and 18.8% respectively.The prevalence of high BP was higher in women than in men, except in the younger age classes.Overall 26.7% of hypertensive men and 47.7% of hypertensive women were on anti-hypertensive pharmacological treatment. Among the treated patients, BP was normalized in 6.4% of the men and 13.8% of the women.In 84.6% of men with high BP and 81.3% of women with high BP, at least one other cardiovascular risk factor was present and its prevalence increased with age in both genders. Obesity was the most frequent associated risk factor. Except for smoking, the prevalence of each cardiovascular risk factor increased with the severity of hypertension, except in young women.

Rate of high BP, even in treated subjects, is high. Many subjects with high BP have at least one other association cardiovascular risk factors.

key words
Blood pressure, Cardiovascular risk factors, Epidemiological study

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