IHHP Article: Prevalence of hypertension and its relation with cardiovascular risk factors*
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Prevalence of hypertension and its relation with cardiovascular risk factors

M. Sadeghi,HR. Roohafza, Gh.Sadry, A Bahonar,M Saedi, S Asgary, A Amani

Hypertension is one of the most important modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

To determine the prevalence of hypertension and its relation with other cardiovascular risk factors.

This cross-sectional study, phase I of IHHP, was implemented on 12494 people over 20 years in 2002. First a questionnaire consists of demographic details, drug intake and smoking status was filled out. Then physical examination including blood pressure, body mass index and waist to hip ratio were measured. Fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol and triglyceride and a 2-hour postprandial glucose was also measured. Data were analyzed using SPSS V11/win by the chi-square test.

48% of the subjects were males and 52% were female with the mean age of 39.0±15.30 and 38.80±14.54 years respectively. The prevalence of HTN in men and women was 15.6% and 18.8% respectively. The prevalence of HTN was higher in women than in men, except age group below 25-year 26.7% of hypertensive men and 47.7% of hypertensive women consume antihypertensive agents but only BP of 6.4% of the men and 13.8% of the women who were on antihypertensive agent, were controlled. 86.5% and 89.3% of hypertensive men and women rspectveily have at least another cardiovascular risk factor which increase by age. Obesity, especially abdominal obesity is the most common risk factor increase by age. (41.9% in men, 59% in women). Except smoking, the prevalence of all cardiovascular risk factors increase with the severity of hypertension.

The high prevalence of HTN and its relation with other risk factors shows the importance of implementing community-based interventions.

Key words
High blood pressure, risk factors, primary prevention

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