IHHP Article: Effect of one-year intervention on knowledge and practice toward nutrition in the community, Central Iran*
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Effect of one-years intervention on knowledge and practice of nutrition in the community (public) centre area of Iran

Shirani Sh, Khasravi AR, Ansari R, Sajadi F

Studies show the low prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in communities with healthy nutrition. This study aims to determine the knowledge level of people who live in the central areas of Iran towards healthy nutrition are to show the effect of one-year training interventions in changing knowledge level of interventional group in comparison with control group.
This semi-experimental study was done on 1235 people resided in central areas of Iran (Isfahan & Arak provinces). The questionnaires of knowledge & practice towards nutrition were filled by them. Case or interventional group from Isfahan province and control group from Arak province were studied during three phases of Isfahan Heart program (IHHP).
Phase 1 and phase III included filling the questionnaires before and after the interventions. Phase II included training interventions and offering healthy nutrition in the food staff production and distribution siles. Collected data were analyzed by SPSS 10 software through t-test regression tests.
The Knowledge and practice mean scores of all age groups and two sex groups were studies after one year. A positive correlation was seen between knowledge and practice mean scores.
The study showed that knowledge and behaviour of people can be changed toward healthy nutrition. These changes after one year of intervention have shown a significant difference.

Key words
Knowledge, practice, Nutrition, Isfahan Healthy Heart program (IHHP).

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